I was literally sprinting in a dress
Monday Mar 27 2017
This was one of the most beautiful weeks I've had.

I'll start with the funny parts...

So we found another scorpion but it was dead so we kinda just left it on the floor and as we were doing our studies, our house owners cat came in and totally ate the dead scorpion it was so funny. So my comp loves to do these "Happiness is..." and after that she said, in english, "Happiness is seeing a cat eat a dead scorpion." I died laughing!

Also, so here in this area, there is a garbage truck that drives around, and you know its outside when you can hear a song blasting. You hand the garbage truck workers you garbage bags, and they put them in... So we heard it as we were studying. We had to hurry and put together all the garbage in one big bag and we left and so as we were walking down it totally started to drive away and you bet, I ran after the truck hahha I probably ran a good block with this garbage bag in my hands yelling for the truck to stop. The music is still loudly playing and my comp stayed back laughing her head off, (I was literally sprinting in a dress) I almost got hit by a car.. but they stopped. but at least I got to do my extra exercise for the day!

So now more spiritual stuff... Last monday right after writing, as my comp and I and Hermana Jordan and her comp were all walking, we walked passed a main street where a little boy had been hit by a motorcycle and was lying on the ground and couldn't move his legs, many people were surrounding him. The first thing that came to my mind was, hey the priesthood, this kid needs a blessing. Then our comps kept walking (I was walking with H Jordan) Then we kept talking about how we could help him but we totally kept walking and then it hit me so hard, "You don't know what you could change for this family by just sharing the idea of helping" So we stopped our comps and turned around, it was a big group so the three of them stayed back as I went into the group and knelt down by the little boy and his older brother and in front of everyone introduced myself as a representative of Jesus Christ and how we believe that the Priesthood power of God has been restored and how with this special power men of the church can give blessings of health and asked if he would be okay if we visited them later. He said yes, and gave me his information. We called later and set an appointment but he ended up not being able to. But as far as I know, the little boy is better.

There was such a special confidence in offering this idea and everyone knew that I was a personal representative of Jesus Christ himself. I felt so much happiness. I don't know what will happen, but I'm so happy that I'm not regretting that I didn't offer, at least.

Another day, as we had a day of contacting and knocking in a neighborhood for many hours, we finally left to go to an appointment at 7, as we walked, I said a personal prayer letting God know that I was happy with all of these many contacts but that if we were to stop for anyone special that He knows he could trust in me and that I would. So just about 10 minutes later as we were walking up a hill I noticed a young woman walking down the street holding her baby, I immediately thought, "hey, the Plan of Salvation, and we could ask her where she thinks her baby was just a year ago." So you bet we stopped her, I suddenly felt a need of hers but didn't know exactly how to address her about it so that I could know what it was. But she told us we could visit her and after telling us where she lives, I asked for another street and then looked up at her as a big tear drop fell down her face and I felt the impression that something was going on with the father of her baby and a little more, and so I asked her if she would like to sit down and she said "Yes" and so we sat on the curb and let her cry it all out. She told us why she was upset. The spirit had helped me to know what had happened. She accepted a visit and we said a prayer with her and she left.

The Lord loves His children so much. He is aware of YOUR needs. He knows them. I testify of that.

I have more amazing stories from this week but very little time. I can't wait to share them all with you!

Love you all so much. But after this week I know that God loves you even more and that He is so in tune with every little thing you're passing.
Let Him in.
Come unto Him.
Let His love surround you, cause when it does..
It feels SO GOOD!!!

And I held a chicken!
Monday Mar 20 2017
This week has been a really beautiful week. I love learning and studying about Christ. He just makes me so happy.

So this week I got to go to a different area in a place called Villa Moderna with a sister named hermana Camacho, she's from Ecuador and so sweet, we ate chuño and I actually really liked it hahah and then I got to dress like a cholita (I love them) and I held a chicken. WOO

We have met some really great people this week. We also found that family that Hermana Jordan and I ran after. They were so excited that we came and let us in right then. We didn't have too much time but my comp and I got to know them a bit more and got to share with them about the love that God has for each of them. They all have been reading the pamphlet that we gave them and they really are a cute family so lets see what happens this week! We plan on meeting with them again.

We also got to meet a father that lives in the same house lot thing and we gave him our card. His name is Mario, and just yesterday he called us to see if we could come visit him and his daughter and we taught them the beginning of the Restoration but turns out that he is actually really broken inside because of his divorce and how it all happened. I immediately felt so much love for him and for his sweet daughter. We shared our testimonies about the Book of Mormon and the Atonement of Jesus Christ.

I'm really so thankful for my understanding of the Atonement. Though it may not be a perfect understanding, I have a lot of faith in it. I know that through it and only through it I can actually feel the change that God has waiting for me.

A scripture that I have been really loving this week is in Mosiah 3 verses 7-9 and 19.

The suffering of Christ is literally for each and every single one of us even us who are completely subject to following the natural man, who is an enemy to God.

Everything about the Gospel of Jesus Christ really makes me so happy. I'm so thankful and I invite all of you to study His Gospel and His Atonement. After all, it applies to each of us!

There is not one heart in the world that doesn't have the ability to be healed by the Atonement of Christ.

I love you all!

Her cousin lives in Utah going to BYU
Monday Mar 13 2017
So pretty much this morning I found a scorpion in my suitcase as I was looking for something and I was a bit thrown back. But, my comp and I put it in a cup and on our table in the middle of the room. We named is Sariah Saige. (our names) hahahahahahhaha seriously I don't know what the heck it was doing in my suitcase. They say that where there is one, there is another, and we have yet to find the other.

So Jorge couldn't be baptized this week because he had way to many things going on but we talked to him and we changed the date to the 25th of March.

A couple of my favorite contacts this week were:

So I was with a different sister for one day, her name is Hermana Jordan from Orem, Utah! She is so awesome. So were just contacting a bunch and all the contacts were great, but then we saw a family and we were like, "RUN" and so we ran and it was the cutest family. and they were so happy to receive us. We're gunna try to visit them this week!

Another, my comp and I were walking in the street to go find a house and we walked past this young girl and really fast we just ran over to her and she openly talked to us and we asked if we could pick her up to go to church the next day (Sunday) and she was like yeah! and so we tried to call her before we went and text but she didn't respond but we still went and we easily found her apartment in the complex and she walked out all ready to go! Her name is Elian Espinoza and turns out that her cousin lives in Utah going to BYU. We're also going to visit her this week and she is excited to come again to church on Sunday!

Another... So about 3 weeks ago with another sister name Hermana Maclachlan, we were contacting and we found a woman named Esther Flores and we have tried to find her many times but she hasn't been there but finally we went this week but this time before knocking, we both said a silent prayer and I just felt like my faith personally was so strong that she really would be there. and GUESS WHAT! She was, and she remembered us and let us in and we ended up teaching her and her husband all of the Restoration discussion and they loved it, were going to come back this week to meet with them. Im so happy! Where she lives, they also do corn tortillas (they're hard to find here) and I was so happy cause she gave me a bag filled when I told her I love them. THEYRE DELICIOUS!!!

God loves you all, I do too. Prayer does lots of beautiful things and I'm feeling really thankful for this Gospel!

Have a great week!



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