I can talk to birds
Monday Jan 16 2017
Yesterday we received our new transfers, I'll be going back to Cochabamba right next to where I was! My comps name is Hermana Chambi, I'll be leaving Sucre tomorrow morning. Its been hard to say goodbye but at the same time, these transfers are good and I know that the Lord will be by my side the whole time. He never leaves it all up to just us! I'll let you know more about my comp the next week cause I'll actually know her! But I'm really excited and full of many emotions! :)

I probably couldn't have had a better last week here in Sucre! It was such a beautiful week and full of many sweet little special moments.

Willma and María José (mom and daughter of Hadda) both got baptized and confirmed as members this weekend. The baptism was so beautiful and the spirit was so strong. Something I love about this work that takes a bunch of pressure off my shoulders is that Ive really learned that missionary work only works if the people have been prepared, and God really works his miracles and prepares people exactly how they need to be. I just gotta do my part! I'm so happy for them!
We had two investigators there that both told us that they felt something really special and that they wanted to be baptized too, that made me so happy to hear!

So something that made me really happy this week was when we were walking to find a house of a referral, I saw a little boy sitting on the street selling potatoes for his mom. I have this little talent that I learned here in the mission, I can talk to birds and they respond its like the identical sound, so we walked over and I told him that I was talking to them and that he could as well so I showed him how to do the whistle and he tried it and, he´ll get there ;) but he giggled it was so sweet then I put my hands in my bag and "pulled" out a little bird in my fist, and told him to touch the little bird that was in my hands (my wiggling finger haha) so he did and then I grabbed his hand haha and he just laughed it was so adorable, I told him that whenever he feels lonely to just talk to the birds cause they always respond and he smiled, then we gave him a Restoration pamphlet and as he passed through the pictures he stopped on the picture of Joseph Smiths first vision and said that he likes it how God and Jesus Christ are both talking to the little boy.
We were shocked that he knew who the two angels were! He told us he remembers them from when he went to church a long time ago.
I learned more this week why its so important to teach young children special little things while they are young, its because they stick, and because they make us feel calm.

Another thing that happened this week was with a young girl named Claudia who we contacted one night in the street on our way home. We visited her and it all went really well. She asked us if we would visit her more! Then she went with us to church and stayed the whole 3 hours and told us she loved it and she wanted us to visit her again later in the day (Sunday) so we went and read with her 3 Nephi 11 and asked her what she thought and she shared with us how important it is for her that she follows and believes in Christ.
She told us why... When she was a little girl, she broke her heal bone and made a promise to God that when she grew up that she would serve him the rest of her life if he helped her to walk normal again. God kept his promise 100% to her and she is walking perfect now. She told us that she wants to be baptized soon so we set a date for her for the 4th of February, I wont be here, but I told her to call me for it! :) Life with faith is such a beautiful thing.

Many things have happened this week and Im so thankful for the sweet blessings that we literally can feel if we just put our own heart into the will of God. Do it!!!
Love you all.
have a great week!

I had a little conversation with him in Quechua
Monday Jan 2 2017
pictured: Me and one of the daughters from the penshion, Kelsi

Happy New Year to everyone!

This year has flown by so fast but I'm so thankful for every trial and hard thing I went through, I have literally learned so much about the endless grace and mercy of our loving Heavenly Father and brother Jesus Christ.

Christ has not only been a belief that I've had, but a real friend, brother, shoulder, person, for me. I have been able to turn to him in my hardest and weakest moments and like the promise in Ether 12:27, as we come unto Him, He will make our weaknesses strengths. I've seen it work, and I'm pretty sure I'll see it work for the rest of my life.
I'm so thankful for Jesus Christ.

I hope that you all have great new years goals that at least include one of the following:
-Saying morning prayers (everyone forgets the morning prayers)
-Read the Book of Mormon
-Come unto Christ.

I love the Book of Mormon so much. I finished reading it just a week ago and I promise every single one of you that if you have the true desire to read this book with a prayer in your heart, that you will come to understand truly who is Jesus the Christ. You will come to have your very own personal, special and sacred relationship with Him and you will always be able to lean on Him in your heaviest and hardest moments.

This week was a lot harder to teach people as there have been a bunch of parties and only drunks in the street to talk to here are a couple of short conversations that have happened yesterday:

"Hi, can we give you a pamphlet?"
"No mamita, I'm drunk"

Other guy,

"How was your New Years Eve?"
"Oh no! Why?"
"cause everyone was drunk!"
"were you as well?" (you could easily smell it)
"Yes!" (he laughed though so that was good)

Other guy,

Us just walking down the street and him dramatically shaking his head looking at me and then closing his eyes and then WAY dramatically saying, "You are my queen, you are great" and then he repeated it like 3 times and I just said, "thanks" and I laughed so hard cause I have never been so flattered! hahah no really it was just funny!

So as we were walking in the street yesterday and almost no one was in the street, we noticed a older man sitting on the street and then the song from Carrie Underwood "Change" came into my head (it's beautiful) and so I thought, that we should just go and sit next to him and ask him his name and about who he is and it turns out I had a little conversation with him in Quechua cause he hardly knew Spanish but he was so sweet, his name is Santiago and we just talked to him and showed him the pictures of the pamphlet, "the Restoration" and as we turned to the picture of Joseph Smith and God the Father and His son, Jesus Christ, he pointed to them and was really just admiring the picture and it was a well spent 15 minutes.
My comp and I both walked away with tears in our eyes with the strong feeling that Christ would do the same with him.

I hope you all look for someone once a week every week to just ask them their name and their story and get to know your brothers and sisters here in this world.

I love you all so much and hope you have had a great Christmas and New year!

I just want pizza
Monday Dec 12 2016
Happy birthday to my lovely nana!!!

This week went well!

So on Thursday, I was a little sick so I rested for a bit.So I would love to talk about the mercy that God has for all of us.
We finally left the house and my head still hurt really bad but we needed to work so we left and I could only think, "I really don't want to be walking and I just want pizza". That was weird cause Im not the biggest pizza lover haha... So I was talking to my comp and I told her about a pizza place called DeliVery that does delivery pizza and that we should order it haha, she didn't seem to interested but I really was just not feeling good.

So we kept going, and we did our 10 contacts for the day and then as we were walking around on a street to do more contacts, that has like lots of places to eat, I looked over at my comp and said, "hey wanna contact in there?" its a place called "LOFT" and its like a cafeteria and Ive only been there for ice cream haha but we were passing out Christmas pass along cards and trying to talking to the people about serving how Christ served, for this month. So my comp wanted to so as we walked over, we both just started getting really nervous hahah there were a lot of people and some dressed more fancy and had meetings or something, so we started to justify every reason why we shouldn't, like, "they're talking", "they're eating", "they're in business meetings", "maybe they'll all say no". So we almost didn't and then I told my comp, "look what Satan is doing to us, our spirits want to share the message and they have no fear to do so, but our bodies are scared of just other normal humans, lets go!"

So we both took a big breathe and went up and we presented to two owners of the Ice Cream place and the other, a Burger place, our message and asked if it was okay to share with everyone and they were really happy about it and said, "yes!" so we talked to everyone and even a woman that didn't want one, but after explaining what we are doing for these 25 days of Christmas on she ended up wanting one haha its really cool to see the change like that in people really fast! Literally everyone wanted one!
Another group was a worker for the pizza place, and we gave her one and then these two other workers in the pizza place asked for one and then they said, "can we make you girls a pizza?" A FREE PIZZA!!!!

And that is the Mercy of God, that even though I just wanted to rest and eat pizza, I did the work and HE gave us a free pizza!

That man amazes me! I love Mormon chapter 9 how its talks so much about miracles and how God is a God of miracles and who ever says that He isn't, doesn't understand the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

I hope you all have a fantastic week getting ready for Christmas and all! I love this month!

Love you all!

She took the discussions about 10 years ago and remembered
Monday Nov 21 2016
This week was good!

Remember that one contact in the street of the woman who left her house to be calm? Well, her name is Basilia and we just visited with her yesterday!

It went so well, Im really excited to see how it goes. She took the discussions about 10 years ago and remembered a little bit about Joseph Smith and all that great stuff! So when we went to ask her to pray about Joseph Smith if he was a prophet, she said, "not only that, but I really want to pray about everything that you've all taught me." She also wants to go to church and activities and Im just praying so much that this goes really well for her. She is so great!

We also had the most beautiful Plan of Salvation lesson with Willma (mama de Ada). We asked her if she had any questions about our first discussion and she had a lot of great ones but it was really interesting to see how Satan had affected her right in between the week that we hadn't visited her. She was so sure and crying in the first visit and then she became a little more unsure and it was sad for me to be honest. But we answered all of her questions and personally I was reminded so much of the grace and mercy of God. I almost cried as I testified of that. We left and she was so happy and she said she felt a lot of peace. It really seemed to be the "perfect lesson" haha. i'm also excited to see how she keeps progressing!

Ada on the other hand is doing great! She's ready for her baptism this weekend! Ah Im so happy!

This work makes me really happy and just FELIZ! hahahha

Something sweet that happened from our contacting this week just happened on this Saturday, so we wanted to knock on doors in a neighborhood, so as we went, usually, we knock and wait a bit and if they don't come, knock for the second time and then wait a little and then we go, but this time, we did the 2 and then as we looked at each other like yeah lets go, I was like, wait, no, we gotta knock one more time!

So this old lady comes out and her sweet little 6 yr old comes out too and she was really a little angel. We shared with the old lady the pamphlet of the Restoration and on the front page is a lamb in Christ's hands and so we explained to them both that that little lamb was us and that we will always be in Christ's hands but only as we follow him will we feel his hands, the old lady didn't really give much interest cause she was very catholic and they usually don't give us the time of day, but she gave it to her sweet little Samantha and she just hugged the pamphlet and then as we left, we looked back and the old lady left but little Samantha was staring at us and saying bye and then her grandma looked at us and then said, COME IN! and she looked at us again and mouthed to us "chao" which is "bye". My heart just felt so happy we didn't even know the sweet little girl but she looked at us with familiar eyes and as I looked at my comp I told her, "she looked at us like we were angels!" and my comp said, "I was thinking the exact same thing."
I know that we pass every experience whether they accept us or not, to learn something new. God works in beautiful ways!

Have a great week :)

He can see his best friend again
Monday Nov 14 2016
This week was really sweet and filled with many small miracles and blessings

Contacts of the week,
So, my comp and I had a goal to have 11 contacts for the day and we had finished our 10 (goal of he mission) and I was content and thought, If we didn't get the extra 1, we would be okay. However, while walking on the side walk, ahead was a young man and I told my comp, lets contact him, you start. She didn't hear me cause we just walked passed, it was funny. But then, on the corner was another young man and I said, no, he's the one. So we walked, as he put his arm up for a taxi, so I thought, or not, and the taxi got really close as if to stop and then just swerved and kept going right as we were passing, so I knew for fact we needed to talk to him. So we talked to him. and he said, he never has time, and I said, God never gave you a life that doesn't have a little time for him, theres always time. and he looked me in the eye and he said, you're right. (at this time there were no taxis passing) and I thought, I need to promise him that the next taxi will stop for him because he gave us time. So I told him that as I randomly lifted my arm and the taxi stopped right there. I walked away laughing at how God really follows through with the promises we make as missionaries! And quickly too, Haha!

A different day we had to go to the Stake Center to practice a song for our Stake conference that we had this past weekend. We finished and got in a taxi and I felt like we needed to ask for how long he had been a taxi driver and he said, "Its funny cause Im actually not, Im helping out my friend who just died yesterday, you didn't hear? He fell off the roof of the airport." and we asked him more questions and at the moment he said he doesn't believe in God. He has recently been divorced 2 months ago and his world literally began to fall. He told us many personal things. We explained to him about the Plan of Salvation and how one day he can see his best friend again. My comp had with her the very last pamphlet of all of our Plan of Salvation pamphlets and we gave him it. We told him that we know he might not want to hear it at the moment, but we are always here for him to talk to.
I love to see the hand of God in the little things, like which taxi stops, the last pamphlet for the very specific day after the death of his best friend. There is hope from believing in Christ.

We also had an amazing lesson with Willma, the mom of Ada. She cried starting with the opening prayer. She said, "its all real". She is the kind of person that reminds me of Nephi and Joseph smith, because she was born in a family of goods Christian parents who always taught her to have the faith. It really is so important for us to teach in our families the first and most important step of all, Faith.

This week was really just a sweet week. I love you all so much! Keep the faith and have a good week!

Look who God put in my way
Monday Nov 7 2016
This week was so beautiful!

Here is a sweet little miracle of the week that I just loved so much!

We had visited the 1st counselors wife a couple days ago with our mission leader, in her home and we planned to have a family night for last night. So we left to go to the house and for some reason, we couldn't find the house and we walked back and forth for 30 minutes looking for the house we asked someone if he knew the street and he didn't, so we kept going and then after a few minutes I said to Hna. Cardoza, this means that God wants us to talk to someone, we looked around for another 15 minutes and there was no one really in the streets and then a young women walked towards us and I asked her about the street name and she told us she didn't know, and then as we walked away, I felt that we needed to contact her, so I turned around and asked to give her a folleto and she accepted, it turns out she had visited the church years ago with a friend and was just recently fighting in her home so she left to somehow feel more calm and then she said, "and look who God put in my way, thank you." and she had tears in her eyes and we just testified again of our first comment about the folleto, that God is really a loving Heavenly Father.

I don't have too much time to write, but I really know that God loves and watches out for each one of us.

I don't know how the elections went, but... Ether 12:4. Something I love about the Book of Mormon is that it was so inspired for us in this day. Keep your faith and hopes up high and you'll be able to see the whole world with better eyes.

I love you all so much! Have a great week

They cried and asked us to teach them
Monday Oct 31 2016
I love my hijita(daughter) her name is Hermana Cardoza and She is from Piura Peru and is the sweetest most angelic person in the world, I have felt nothing but pure gratitude! So I took her out for ice cream to talk and get to know each other a little better :)

In Bolivia its just another normal day so thats fun, but when we knock on doors, Ill ask for candy just to make it a good Halloween! Haha

Ada now has a baptismal date for the 19th of November! and last night we had a beautiful family night with her mom and other sister. We talked about their true identity being daughters of a heavenly king, they cried and asked us to teach them what we are teaching Ada and the spirit was just so peaceful and strong and we were just so happy!

Another day of the week we were walking up the hill after lunch at our penshionists house and there is this house that usually has about 7 workers who are men and a woman who lives there, and they always give us cat calls and so I looked at my comp and said, lets go give them a pamphlet and we went and they ALL listened hahahah and we actually have a family night with the woman that lives there and her husband and kids! She told us she is really interested and wants to learn more.
Im really excited to see what happens, Ill let you know next week!

Then, another day, we were contacting in the street on our way to an appointment with Ada and there was a young man named Sebastian and as he was walking into his door we stopped him to give him a pamphlet and share a short message about the Plan of Salvation and he was really interested and we ended up having an appointment with him and turns out he was so confused on what to believe that he started to believe that after death we would just be dust. He told us that his father had died around a year ago and that it hasn't been that easy for him. He said he felt a lot of peace about this message and that it gave him a lot of hope. It was cool to explain to him where his dad is right now.
We will be meeting with him next week after all of his tests in school. Ill let you know more about what happens with him!

Another cool experience that we had with contacting people in the streets was with another young guy outside of his house, his name is Limber and we talked to him about the restoration and yesterday after church, we met with him and taught him all of the discussion and about the book of mormon, and I think I just love talking about the book of mormon cause I don't know why actually, but it just makes me so happy to teach people about that book!

This week really was so beautiful and peaceful and I LOVE MY HIJA!!!!
Have a great week! :)

It's never too late to be obedient
Monday Oct 24 2016
So it turns out that I've been 8 months pregnant and I'm ready to have a baby girl! I'll meet her this Wednesday! I'm so excited!!! hahaha President called me last night to ask me to be a trainer, I don't know if any of you remember that in the mission our trainers are our "moms" or "dads"... Haha I'm so excited, really nervous and actually quite scared! But I know that If this is what the Lord wants me to do, I can do it, as long as I include Him.

My comp, Hna Fuenzalida is going home to Chile, tomorrow. So she left on Friday from our area. So I've been in a trio with the sisters in the area next to mine. But I was able to go and work in my area with a couple members and it really went so well! We met amazing people. We had great contacts and not everyone just "had to go" cause they were in any hurry, they were actually interested!

So last week, we received a reference from the elders of a young girl named Ada(24) who lives in our area and she called the elders and told them that she passed the church and someone gave her 10 Liahonas and that she had been reading them and she wants to receive the discussions. So a member and I visited her and we taught her all about the Restoration and at the end I asked her if she felt that these things were true, that she would be baptized and she said, "I was just going to ask how I could do that or what do I need to do?". The spirit was so strong, we visited her another time on Sunday and explained about the Book of Mormon, wow I'm just so thankful for that book, I'm obsessed haha! After our lesson yesterday with her, her mom came and told us she has interest and that she thinks that this could be the change that they have been needing in their lives, with the other two younger sisters of Ada.

I really love to see what God does when we have the mindset to just please Him.

It's never too late to be obedient, wanna know why?
Because God has so many tasks for us to do and accomplish and the second we choose to sincerely be obedient, He offers us those tasks. There is much to do, but only those who He trusts will be able to fulfill His work. I really learned so much about obedience this week.

I hope you all have a great week! Ill send you pics with my "hija" (daughter) next week! Wow, time is literally flying! I've almost hit my half mission mark!

Love you all.

Don't forget your purpose
Monday Oct 10 2016
There is so much reward in purposely putting your focus on the positive and thinking thoughts centered in Christ.

This week was great! My dad gave me wise advice to just pray and thank God for everything in my life and blessings, and to not end my prayer until I have thanked Him for everything.

So, the first thing I did on Tuesday morning for my personal study, was kneel in prayer, as I left it open and opened my eyes to start writing everything, I felt a strong impression that I needed to write about all of my life, from as early as I can remember, until now. I am so amazed at the many things the spirit helped me to remember that gave me so much comfort as I was feeling a bit frustrated.

Do we actually take the time to recognize our blessings and gifts and most importantly, the love we receive so mercifully from God?
Are we only focusing on the tiny black dot on the pure white wall?
Do we sincerely want to be happy trying to do Gods will and not our own, or are we contently living in our own heads?

I challenge you all to write as many memories you can, starting with a prayer for the help of the Lord as you write. I promise that as you do this, you will be happier, and more sincere with those around you because all you will want to do is bless others, and as you try to bless others, our LOVING Heavenly Father, will bless you.

Alma 1:30
And thus, in their prosperous circumstances, they did not send away any who were naked, or that were hungry, or that were athirst, or that were sick, or that had not been nourished; and they did not set their hearts upon riches; therefore they were liberal to all, both old and young, both bond and free, both male and female, whether out of the church or in the church, having no respect to persons as to those who stood in need.

I love you all so much and know that God does too. Don't forget your purpose, and if you haven't figured out your purpose just yet, you will only find it in Christ, so lose yourself in Him, and He will show it unto you.

something my companion helped me learn, was the thoughts that we are having, who are they coming from?

The answer will be found in the way you feel.
If you feel peace, confidence, happiness, motivation, etc. = God
Or if you feel, angry, anxious, anxiety, frustrations, discouragement, etc. = Satan

Be careful to whose counsel you heed.

We have also been writing down, at least, one miracle every night and it has changed my view from the black dot to the rest of the white wall. Try it!!!

Have a great week!

It was pouring so hard
Monday Oct 3 2016
Photo: It was pouring so hard to my comp took this cool pic, the thunder was like a scary movie it didn't sound real and all the power went out! It was crazy!

This week was alright!

So my companion and I were contacting on a street and we came to this house and knocked and then looked up to a sweet looking old lady in the window asking who we were so we told her, "were missionaries for the church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints and would like to give you a pamphlet" and she sweetly smiled and said that she will come.... Her sweet looking old husband opened the door and we told him who we were and asked him his name and personally for him, who God is in his life, and then we gave him the pamphlet, he told us he will go read it in peace but that he is catholic and that he reads the bible and then he put his right hand down make the gesture of a level and told us that we are right there and then threw his left hand up above his head and said, "and Im right up here, so you cant teach me anything." then slammed the door and I just got sick of saying, "its okay!" cause it actually hurts a lot, but maybe he read it in peace and loved it! Im waiting for his call.

Conference was really beautiful wasn't it! It made me want to serve more and love more, and in so doing I will receive the pure joy that Christ can only give us.

I've been trying to put my focus a lot better on Christ so for a couple of my personal studies I've drawn pictures of Christ and written about him and what He was like. It has really helped me to think more of Him, I think writing about Him and drawing makes it stick more in my head! So maybe if you need more help to focus on him think of his life here on earth and maybe even draw a picture.

I have wondered how many drops of blood He dropped for me specifically in the Garden of Gethsemane, then realized, it was perfectly just as many as He knew I needed.

I love you all and I hope that you all have a great week!

I was fasting and we have never been offered so much FREE food
Monday Sep 26 2016
For Women's conference me and the sisters in our zone went to dinner before and it was so fun we just laughed so hard!

Conference was so amazing and when Uchtdorf got up, I literally felt like what I fasted for that whole day, was answered. I felt that he had literally thought about me and exactly how I needed to be talked to.

So all of Saturday I was fasting and we have never been offered so much FREE food before that was so good, well looked good! haha I was so tempted but knew that what I wanted in return for fasting was so much better and worth the wait and hunger pains haha!

So we were walking to meet up with our mission leader, we were already a little late but as we walked past a street that we had contacted about 6 weeks ago, I thought about a young lady that told us to come a different day (they all say that lol) and that we needed to go pass by. So we went and she let us in, she was actually so happy to see us and we talked and I told her about the impression that I had to go and visit her and we taught her to pray and in the prayer she thanked God for sending us to her in the difficult time of her life.
I find it so fascinating the way God works!

I wish it was easier to fast and to be able to do it more often cause seriously, the mission is like, enhanced while doing so hahah!

If you haven't ever fasted or even just haven't done it in a while, I challenge you to try it with an opening prayer of something you might want, and if its the will of God, He will allow it. Focus on what makes you happy and how you can be happier!

I love you all so much and hope you have a great week!

There was even a dog that came and joined us in the sacrament meeting
Monday Sep 19 2016
This week has been really good.

We have the most faithful investigator, that never leaves our sides! We named him bobby. He waits for us while we are eating in the penshion then follows us to our appointments and waits for us til we leave.
If only we could do baptisms for dogs! LOL.

Danitza was baptized on Saturday and confirmed on Sunday. It was so beautiful, her friend came. The spirit was so sweet. She bore a beautiful testimony and I just felt my purpose here as a missionary, again. God does good things!

There was even a dog that came and joined us in the sacrament meeting haha, #onlyinBolivia.

Were still trying to find more people that want to hear about the Gospel of Jesus Christ, which isn't too easy, but were trying!

Yesterday, the 18th, was the patriotic day of Chile and because I basically know more about Chile #4chileancomps, we celebrated by making empanás... Which were so good!!!
Then we went to a far away, hidden part of our area, and theres horses and cows and happy dogs and little homes and cute things! and we went to talk with investigators and menos activos but they weren't there. But it was so sweet to see that part of the area, its quiet and I don't know, I just loved being there! Cool to see the difference in our normal part of the area with tons of taxis and people hurrying around, to go to a land of peace! haha

Then, we went to Eugenia Canchis (investigator) house, she's a Cholita, Cholitas are women that work sooo hard! They will hold on their backs a bag filled with something, triple their size! They work so hard from like 5am til late at night. I really am amazed at how hard they work! Soooo, she let me dress like a Cholita and it was way fun haha! I told her that when she is baptized Ill dress like a cholita and we can do divisions (I'll go with her and my comp goes with different member) she was excited! Lets see what happens! :)

This week was good! I love you all, be yourselves, its important! Have a great week!

This life is not easy
Monday Sep 12 2016
I know that God lives, and I know that he is not unaware of us. I know that He likes to answer our prayers, but sometimes we need to suffer just a little bit longer till we can feel the big difference.

I haven't really had the best week ever this past week. Things have been a bit harder and I haven't felt so much love and peace of mind, kind of like I don't have a purpose here.

I've been praying a lot to just feel it and haven't felt so much of answers to my prayers either!

Yesterday, before church, I had a really specific prayer of something I wanted answered and then we went to church, I started to feel a bit more peace in my heart but still a little troubled. Then, we had a lesson with Danitza, and we were talking about the commandments and specifically about the commandment to pray, Danitza specifically answered my prayer, word for word, I truly was amazed in a calm way. By the way Danitza is doing really good, she´ll be baptized soon!

Then, at the end of the day, for whatever reason, I still had this continued feeling of unsureness and unconfident in myself. With many, many, I mean like 6 billion prayers in a day, finally, just today, just 10 minutes ago, this random kind of odd guy came and sat by me, asked me if I was from Spain (I get that a lot here haha) and then I said no and that I'm from the US he started talking about all the things that he thinks are way better in the US yet he hasn't even been, and I felt bad that he didn't see the light in his own country, so I then asked him to tell me 10 things that he does like about Bolivia and it actually helped me even to see the light about this place. I've really just been having a hard time, but its part of the mission. Whatever missionary ever told you that everyday on their mission is so amazing and happy, they lied.

There will be hard days in this time, especially cause I'm trying to be a disciple of Jesus Christ, the life of Christ never was easy, why should I ever think that all my days should be happy bliss!

Anyways, he started to ask me a ton of questions, that really made me think harder about where I am in my thoughts and I just testified to him of the things I knew, and I myself was strengthened.

Hang in there, this life isn't easy. Nor will it ever, be especially being a member of the church of Jesus Christ.
There shall arise false prophets who will deceive even the elect who have died spiritually.
He just came over to tell me: "you are beautiful" in his broken english, and then he asked me what it means. so I told him it means "You're a pig" hahahahahahah love languages I should probably tell him it doesn't really mean that haha

Have a good week I love you all so much!

She's made a best friend in the church
Monday Aug 29 2016
Happy Birthday to dad yesterday! You're so old! whooop!

Haha not really, but I hope you got to skate with your buds and Uncle Dave :)

Many things have happened this week and Ive learned so much.

Danitza is doing so amazing. She is so strong and is ready for baptism, we've almost taught her all of the lessons and more! She's made a best friend in the church too! Her name is Dayana they're both studying to be lawyers and Danitza just found a house in the same apartment complex. She's literally trying to change her whole life. I don't know how many times I say it, but I really do love what God does to and for people.

I've been thinking a lot about the Atonement of Jesus Christ. The whole reason why we as humans can actually be happy and improve in our intelligences.

Christ died so that every person that came before him and that would come after him, will resurrect. I've been reading a lot in Alma lately. Alma and Amulek are such a strong companionship and I love how strong their faith is. They prophesied of the coming of Christ. I could imagine that it would be so hard for the people to just believe. However, they were prophesying of the things that God had revealed to them. And they sincerely knew of these things by the power of the Holy Ghost.

When Christ bled through each pore in the Garden of Gethsemane, I know that he felt every temptation, pain, sorrow, and affliction that each and every single one of us would feel. So that in our lives, sometimes lonely, lives, we can always know that there is someone that actually knows exactly how we feel. And when we come to him in our sadness, his arms are wide open and embracing us. To give us the firm knowledge that we are never actually alone, and that there is a tomorrow that is ready for a change, a change further towards our Father in Heaven. And when we feel the heavy feeling of guilt and we come to Christ in our sinless state, He will take that weight off and replace it with a calm happiness, and refresh our state of being.

I know that God has a plan for us, and the most essential part of His plan was that Christ would come to redeem us and to take away our sins so that we can progress and live again with our Dad, our Father, our King, and His beloved son, Jesus Christ.

I love you all. Have a good week and don't forget to count your blessings and improve yourself in this short opportunity of time, that we call life, that you have chosen.

She came Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday night just to find us
Monday Aug 22 2016

I hit my 6 month mark! Time is really going by fast.

I don't really know where to start because so many things have happened this week.

We have been praying a lot lately to know exactly how we should be as missionaries to have success in opening this area. Its not all that easy to open an area. So there is a saying, "Obedience brings blessing, Exact obedience brings miracles." So guess what we did! We worked on the things that we could do a lot better to be exactly obedient.

So, theres this thing called "Mundito" which is like "Mini World" and after lunch we thought about where exactly we should go and what we should do. And Satan gave us a small idea but we shunned him. Lol. So we went to contact by the mundito. To a mom and her daughter, The moms name is Tomasa. We talked for about 15 minutes and then she invited us to go to her house right then to talk more because she has had so many questions and just never felt like she could trust anyone. So we went to her house and taught her about The Restoration and prayer and the Book of Mormon and we gave her one and she was so happy that we came, and now we have another appointment with her on Tuesday.

Then, (I will say because we shunned Satan, God gave us those miracles) later that night, we went to the church cause every Thursday night, in the chapel, we have a lesson for investigators and play games or sports. So we got there and had our lesson planned, and while we were waiting for people to come in, this young girl Danitza Savedra(19) from Santa Cruz, came in and we went to find the room that we were going to have our class and we ended up just talking to her. She told us she came Monday night, Tuesday night, and Wednesday night just to find us. She broke down crying to us saying that she wants to change her whole life and find peace and calmness and hasn't been able to find it in any other church. She knew the church from years ago from a friend but now that she has been hurting, memories of the the church came to her. She shared with us her beautiful repentant heart. It made me cry. We have been visiting her a lot and she will be baptized on the 10th of September. I have never met someone so ready and prepared for this step. She even went and bought a skirt that was long enough for church and just watching the young single adults of the ward just take her in like she was theirs made my heart so full. I haven't been able to think about anything else than, "Just look what God does, He is a God of miracles." And I'm sure he loves to give us these blessings and miracles. Im so excited for her.

Yesterday, we had a lesson with a family that had been taking lessons from the missionaries since January. We haven't been able to meet with them until now. So when we got in their house, we had with us our Mission leader Evelio and his wife Marcela, and the mom had her friends from school there to do a project. There was a really weird feeling and neither my comp and I nor Evelio and his wife, knew what to talk about. We shared a scripture and asked them questions. The mom was almost making fun of us in the way she was looking over at her friends and then responding and I started to actually get offended, in a way that I probably would have just walked away had I been at my house. But I was in a lesson. I prayed to know how to help cause it was like a hopeless moment that we were trying to share. Then all of the sudden in a moment of silence, I just said, "The things that we talk about are not things of man. They're things of God. We are here to testify of the words of God so that you can have stronger relationship with God cause He´s not just God, He´s our father. When we invite you to pray and read His word, its so that you can feel His love for you in your lives." I really don't know how I said all that, I saw all their heads turn to me and it got so quiet and I had never felt such a high immediately from the spirit. Like I don't even know how I was able to process these words. But it was way cool to feel that and to fight for the truth and not just take mans embarrassment of the word of God.

I love this work. Its really special and brings many blessings and a lot of happiness and the best part about it, is that you don't even need a missionary tag to fight for this truth.

Have a great week, God loves you all! :)

Teach the children and it wont be necessary to chastise man.
Monday Aug 15 2016
"Teach the children and it won't be necessary to chastise man."

Funny story for the week, #notsofunny

We were walking and we found a drunk guy laying on the street so we wanted to give him a Word of Wisdom pamphlet we wrote him a little note that said that God loves him. Heres some pictures of that event. #Godlovesyou #wantstotalktoyou #butcantwhenyouredrunk

This week was great!
Nelson moved but he was so thankful that he had the Book of Mormon to bring with him, he said he's going to read it and then he will be back in December and let us know how he feels about everything. He called us right before he left to just say, "thank you so much for everything you taught me, Im really going to read this book."

He's a good guy and Im happy that he can go with his Book of Mormon. I seriously love the Book of Mormon! Its so good!

There is a part member family in our ward, La familia Canchi. Their son Roger(20) is preparing to serve a mission, his two siblings are members but his parents aren't, so we have been teaching them!

Last night, we had a family night with them and they had lots of questions about the priesthood and what it is and every explanation was more and more confusing. I had a experience come to mind that could help them to better understand the role of the priesthood and what it does.

Before my mission, I remember I felt really heavy and no ordinary prayer could help me. My dad didn't know why I had felt this way, and I didn't know either how to put into words to tell him why I felt this way, all I knew was that I needed to ask my dad for a priesthood blessing (the ability to act in the name of God to help guide his children) after the blessing I received I remember feeling a little more comfort but still the heavy feeling. I asked my dad what he thought I should do and he told me that I needed to go to my room and just pray and talk with Heavenly Father.

I remember falling to my knees and for a long time just talking to Heavenly Father as if he were in my room just to listen to me. I no longer felt that heavy feeling. I felt like a feather so light and completely forgiven.

I know the priesthood is truly the power of God. And that it has been restored through Joseph Smith and that we can feel comfort and love through this power.

They understood really well, well, I think they did haha cause they were nodding... But they said it was more clear of what it actually is. And they are a lot more motivated as parents for their son to go on a mission and they want to learn more about the church! Woo! I love this family!

Love you all and hope you have a great week!





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