No one would baptize him because...
Monday Feb 13 2017
Pictured. The little boys name is Jezer, he is so cute! Hes 9 yrs old and Im teaching him english its sad cause his dad drinks a lot and hits him and his brother... its really sad!

This week as I was pondering a lot about the Lords will and how its so hard for us as humans to do it, I started thinking of why it's so hard. The best analogy I thought of was that we are literally addicts to our own ways.
Were addicted to what we like, we get too comfortable, and we just don't wanna step out of our Zone.
And like any addict that is trying to make a change, its not easy.
It takes strength, a plan, and desire.

But when we cross that bridge from our own road to the road that our Heavenly Father wants us to be on, it takes a little getting used to, but we learn that its the best fitted road for us. And that is literally FILLED with blessings.

Heavenly Father knows each of us so perfectly that His will, will never be something we wont benefit from.

The only way that we can start to want to do His will is through obedience. Obedience to His word to His commandments. To only do the things that wont offend the spirit, and to try and endure.

This week as we visited with Vivian, we talked to her about the Book of Mormon and she was so happy to read it and she immediately said, "I know its true". Man, I love talking about this book! Seriously, it makes me so happy! She then had told us that she had talked to her dad about everything that we had been teaching her and he told her that he wants to be baptized as well, we were so happy and told her that he will be able to but that we will need to visit with him so that he can receive a testimony of the teachings. We will visit him this coming Tuesday! Im so excited to meet with him!

We visited her again on Sunday cause she didn't go to church (our fault... She thought we were gunna pick her up #woops next sunday though) and she had told us that she told her dad that he could be baptized as well and he was really happy, like SO HAPPY! Because he had been to almost every church in the city and even had gone to different towns, but that no one would baptize him because he was too old and for whatever other reason and he was so sad cause he wanted to be baptized cause he never had been before.
We felt so much peace telling her that the Church of God will never reject, not one of His children that want to come unto Him. She was so happy to hear that.
Vivian had a lot of questions of just a lot of little random things but I just felt so much happiness and excitement about being a part of the true church of Jesus Christ.
She is progressing really great and Im so excited to continue to see more!

I know that I am teaching truth and that God loves us all. And that we are put in every specific road that we need to be in to meet who knows who and to really help this world make a little more sense and get together.

I love you all and I hope you all have a great week!



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Hermana Geertsen

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