I just want pizza
Monday Dec 12 2016
Happy birthday to my lovely nana!!!

This week went well!

So on Thursday, I was a little sick so I rested for a bit.So I would love to talk about the mercy that God has for all of us.
We finally left the house and my head still hurt really bad but we needed to work so we left and I could only think, "I really don't want to be walking and I just want pizza". That was weird cause Im not the biggest pizza lover haha... So I was talking to my comp and I told her about a pizza place called DeliVery that does delivery pizza and that we should order it haha, she didn't seem to interested but I really was just not feeling good.

So we kept going, and we did our 10 contacts for the day and then as we were walking around on a street to do more contacts, that has like lots of places to eat, I looked over at my comp and said, "hey wanna contact in there?" its a place called "LOFT" and its like a cafeteria and Ive only been there for ice cream haha but we were passing out Christmas pass along cards and trying to talking to the people about serving how Christ served, for this month. So my comp wanted to so as we walked over, we both just started getting really nervous hahah there were a lot of people and some dressed more fancy and had meetings or something, so we started to justify every reason why we shouldn't, like, "they're talking", "they're eating", "they're in business meetings", "maybe they'll all say no". So we almost didn't and then I told my comp, "look what Satan is doing to us, our spirits want to share the message and they have no fear to do so, but our bodies are scared of just other normal humans, lets go!"

So we both took a big breathe and went up and we presented to two owners of the Ice Cream place and the other, a Burger place, our message and asked if it was okay to share with everyone and they were really happy about it and said, "yes!" so we talked to everyone and even a woman that didn't want one, but after explaining what we are doing for these 25 days of Christmas on she ended up wanting one haha its really cool to see the change like that in people really fast! Literally everyone wanted one!
Another group was a worker for the pizza place, and we gave her one and then these two other workers in the pizza place asked for one and then they said, "can we make you girls a pizza?" A FREE PIZZA!!!!

And that is the Mercy of God, that even though I just wanted to rest and eat pizza, I did the work and HE gave us a free pizza!

That man amazes me! I love Mormon chapter 9 how its talks so much about miracles and how God is a God of miracles and who ever says that He isn't, doesn't understand the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

I hope you all have a fantastic week getting ready for Christmas and all! I love this month!

Love you all!



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