Week 1 Arrived in the Peru MTC
Wednesday Feb 24 2016
My first week here at the CCM (say, say-em-aye) has been sooooo filled with different things and feelings.

The flight went really well and me and Hermana Fullmer, from Utah, sat next to each other. We know a lot of the same people so that was cool!

She is so awesome and has a strong testimony.

The first day I got sick with a super bad sore throat and thanks to ASAP silver water, my sore throat went away the next day! Definitely thought it was going to get worse! Thank you Moellers for the Silver Water it has already been put to use!

Then on Sunday I got a bad sinus infection and I was sneezing so much and I couldn’t even see and I got a really bad head ache. So they let me take a 3 hour nap!

My comps name is Hermana Hoffman, she is from Seattle, Washington and she is so cool and she will also be serving in Cochabamba, Bolivia!

(We are the only sister missionaries serving there. The rest are all Elders and then the other Hermanas are going to Peru missions.) She reminds me so much of Amberleigh cause of her motherly nature and she always has the best insights! We have become so close over the past week (that has felt like a month) whilst in the bathroom stalls next
to each other… LOL. The food is really good there is a big variety of things they have but mostly rice for every meal. We are so much alike with our differences though! But we laugh at everything! Even when I get emotional we end up just laughing at me. Haha.

I lOVE THE LATINOS! They are so sincere and their eyes are so genuine! Whenever I feel nervous or scared about being on my mission or even just missing my family, I just look at the Latinos and see how thankful they are for the Gospel and how much it has really blessed their lives. They are so passionate about it. It keeps me motivated
just by watching them.

The language is going well. Im definitely so thankful for my back ground knowledge of the language. We are already teaching our investigadores… (in quotes) they are just our teachers but a lot of the time they play the role of how they used to be with all the questions that they had before they were converts. My companion hasn’t had any back ground of Spanish so I basically teach the lessons, but she is getting better and learning really fast so she speaks Spanglish.

Every day we have an hour to excersize, so my comp and I have been playing futbol(soccer). Hahaha so we were playing right, with a ton of the missionaries and the Latino missionaries(theyre so good) and the ball came straight to me and I caught it between my mid-legs so I turned around and hopped over to the goal we all just started
laughing. Haha it was so funny. Almost scored…

I have really seen, here at the MTC, my strengths but have noticed so much more of my weaknesses, as far the language, Ive realized how much I do know and Im so surprised I know so much and can understand the Latinos because they speak so fast, but Ive seen more of how much I don’t know. The language is my favorite, but at times I get hard on myself. Lol its been like a week!

I really encourage you all to read the Book of Mormon and the Bible side by side, they really complement each other. Its cool during our lessons with the investigators to have scripture references come to mind from the bible as well as the Book of Mormon.

I miss you all and love you so all so much, I think of you all and have had dreams of everyone, if you don’t think you’ve been in my dreams, I am almost positive you have been.



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Hermana Geertsen

Called to serve in the Bolivia Cochabamba Mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.
Feb 2016 - Aug 2017
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