He is always there for us
Monday Apr 25 2016
I love the priesthood. I love the power that it has. My dad once told me that the priesthood is stronger than a whole worlds army. And I have no doubt about that.

Remember Juan Carlos, our investigator who used to be atheist? This week, my comp and I thought that we should go up the big Cristo at the top of the hill, to talk to him and just talk about the love of God. Well, he called us the day that we were going to go, to tell us that his girlfriend had appendicitis and she isn't doing well at all. We haven't ever met his girlfriend, but we asked if we could go to the hospital to visit her and just talk to her and see how she is. He said he would be honored. So we went and we talked with her and her mom and we asked if she would like to receive a priesthood blessing. She said yes. We talked a lot about our beliefs as members of the Church of Jesus Christ and after we went back to Juan Carlos´ house and he cried and he told us that he knows for sure that God exists. And that he knows that God loves him. WOW! It was so amazing to hear him say that, he said he knew it with everything in him.

So the next day, (yesterday) we had church and JuanCa was supposed to come but he didn't answer his phone and he missed his ride. We were sad and sitting in the chapel and right before sacrament, in RUNS JuanCa!!!! We were so happy, he had ran all the way from his house about 3-4 miles away from the church, just so that he could take the sacrament. He was out of breathe hahaha but we were so proud!

Then after church we went to the hospital with two of the elders to perform the blessing for Camila, (women don't hold the priesthood) and the elders preformed a healing blessing for Camila. It was beautiful. We left and then later yesterday, we had a fireside with all of the missionaries and their investigators. Juan Carlos came all alone and at the beginning he sat in the very back, and after about 15 minutes, all alone, shy Juan Carlos walked all the way from the very back to the frontest of frontest rows. And he was crying. It was so peaceful and the spirit was sweet and present. We asked him at the end why he was crying, and he told us that Camila, his girlfriend, told him right after the blessing, immediately she felt no pain.

I know, that all things through faith and all things through God, have power. He is always there for us. He will never move. If He has been there for you in your life before and you don't feel like it now, have no fear because He is the same yesterday(that time in your life before) today, (when you might not think He is there for you) and tomorrow. He will always be there for you and always want the best for you. Have hope and choose faith over doubt every day!

I love you all so much! Thank you for everything. Have a great week!

And he that receiveth light
Monday Apr 18 2016
This week went well, pretty normal, but well!

DC 50:24
"That which is of God is light; and he that receiveth light, and continueth in God, receiveth more light; and that light growth brighter and brighter until the perfect day."

So we have an investigator, his name is Juan Carlos(17 years old), he used to be atheist before we started teaching him. He was so shy, very serious and yeah, just very shy! My comp and I noticed a huge change in him this week. He has been so happy and laughing so much and smiling so much, and asks so many questions and just loves to talk to us. He told us that we are like his best friends and that he loves us. We fasted this week with him and he just explained to us how happy he is and he brought me and my comp cake and pie (tan rico :)) He is planning to be baptized the 30th of this month.

I love to see what the teachings of Jesus Christ, does to the countenances of people. Its so beautiful.

To follow that, this morning, we were at La Cancha, a huge place to shop, and my comp and I were walking to find the other sisters to get a taxi so that we could go eat at a place called Mexico(a place owned by a guy from highland, he married a Boliviana and they're moving to Highland this week!) anyways, haha #ADD... As we were walking, we walked passed these two huge scary looking guys... And they were speaking english!!! haha I got so scared and just walked past them and got the strongest feeling, "hey they're children of God too! Go share your message!" So I told my comp that we needed to and she was like yeah, we don't have much time, but if you think we should lets do it.
We turned around and I was like, "hey guys! I heard you speaking english, and I speak english and I wanted to talk to people that speak english!" haha they were like "Hey! Yeah, whats up hows it going? (looked at my tag) you're from the church!" and so I was like yeah! The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, you know about this church?" and they were like "No!" haha so I was like, "Mormons?"... "Oh mormons! Yeah, well a little!" So I said, "Well, since Im always sharing our message in spanish, could I share it with your guys in english?" They kind of hesitated but then he was like , "Yeah, sure!" I just started telling them why I was here, because God loves us so much, and I want everyone to know that. That we are all children of God and He wants the best for us, I really cant remember everything I was saying! I was just so at peace to share the message in english, but not only that it was in english, but that I literally saw something in his eyes as I was talking to him. change. We gave him a pamphlet of the restoration and he said, "Im going to read this. Wow, thank you so much, yeah Im going to read this, thank you!" THE SPIRIT WAS THERE, IN LA CANCHA!!!

God loves us so much, and I love that I get so see a small portion of His love for everyone around me!

Just this past Saturday, There was a huge party across the street from our house and we just were joking around about how funny it would be if we could go all dressed funny and ready to share our message... So we made the funniest video, Im going to try to send it but Im still trying to figure out how!

I love you all and hope you all have a fantastic week!

Oh and Happy Birthday to McKinley, Ava and Skyla this week :)

All things work together for good
Monday Apr 11 2016
No hay palabaras para describir esta semana pasada! (There aren´t words to describe this past week)

"And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose." - Romans 8:28

Well I loved so much in conference last week, someone said that we make the choice to choose faith over doubt everyday. It is so rewarding to do so. Obviously there are a lot of hard things about the mission, but man, when I chose faith whole heartedly, I feel the hand of God guiding my day. My spanish is better, Im able to share my testimony in a language I barely know, but completely understand and feel what Im saying. I love that we have been given agency in this life, because without this agency, we would never know the difference between good days and bad days. Therefore, we would never know happiness. There are two different kind of choices that we get to make throughout our lives, good or bad. When we choose faith, everything works out and makes sense! I just love it.

"Nay, in all these things we are more than conquerors though him that loved us."
"Nor height, nor depth, nor any other creature, shall be able to seperate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord."
Romans 8:37&39

WOWOW!!! How motivating! Seriously! I love it so much!

A recent convert and his brother and my comp and I were all talking about our testimonies about the Book of Mormon. And when it was that our testimonies were really set in the Book with no doubt. He said, "while reading the Book of Mormon, I realized how much confidence God has in all of us." I loved that, its so true! Our Heavenly Father has so much faith and confidence in all of us, I feel it while talking to investigators everyday. He is the ultimate dad! (sorry dad youre fantastic too ;)) But really! He knows we can overcome any hard thing, because He knows that He will always be there for us. I love God :)

sooooo... I've been kissed by a man.

It was an accident, Im still getting used to the culture hahahaha.

Yesterday, was fantastic. After church, we did our studies and went to go to one of our appointments with a family. And I just randomly felt like I needed to bring my Plan of Salvation layout thing, (even though thats not what we planned to talk about),that Jordan Hansen got me before I left, (shout out to reddragon haha) We called Wendy, our friend who is a member of a year and a half now! Woo she is amazing she´s 18 years old and is planning to go on a mission! Anyways, we went to her house so that she could accompany us. There is an inactive member named Flora who lives right by her and we always go to just spend time with her and see if she needs anything, we´ll sing for her and just we love her so much :) anyways, while we were waiting for Wendy to come out, we walked accross the street with Flora so that we could talk to her in the shade, so we sat on the curb. We had 20 minutes til our next lesson, and I got this strong impression to talk about the Plan of Salvation with her. So I quickly told my compañera and we asked her if that would be okay with her and she said yes! So we sang a short hymn and then we asked her who she would like to offer the opening prayer, she volunteered and it was so sweet! So I asked her if she had heard about the Plan of Salvation, and she said never! I got so excited to teach her that I think she started getting so excited haha its my favorite part of all things that we share on the mission, because it clearly shows Gods love for all of us, His children. She got so happy and excited and kept saying "START!" So we started with the Pre-Mortal Life, she was like "What! Keep going!" She was loving it so much. She asked about babies that die because she has always worried about them and we explained to her a little bit about Moroni chapter 8 how it talks about how young children die in Christ basically. That they dont need baptism because they are no sins. She just started crying, We went through the whole Plan with her. She told us this has answered all the questions that she has had in her life, because she was so confused. She was so happy about it and thanked us a million times.

The Plan of Salvation, is a plan that God prepared for us before this earth. We came to the earth to obtain bodies and experience all things, but most importantly, to except Christ, live His gospel, and allow his perfect atonement to heal us so that we can be happy for all eternity. It was so special with Flora. I felt the spirit so strong. I know that God created the Plan for us to one day live with Him. I love sharing this Plan with everyone I can, because I feel so much love from God, I feel close to him, like I know more about him.

In Jarom verse 2, I dont have the exact scripture, but I love that he says something about how the Plan of Salvation has already been revealed many times, so he doesnt need to explain it again. This verse for me, shows me how important this plan is for us to know, 1 because God wants to live with His kiddos again (us) and 2 because we can learn how we can return to live with our daddiyo again, for all eternity, gaining all that He has. I just love it.

I've met so many cool people here, like legit gangsters with tear drop tats on their face, that have solid testimonies of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. And the food is amazing! I love the food. I drink so much coke everyday but Ive lost about 10 pounds...

My compañera y yo make the funniest videos, Im going to try to send them. hahaha I love my comp. She is so strong, and I have learned so much from her! Im just so happy, and I feel so previledged to devote this short year and a half of my life to think about other people all day and how I can serve them.

I love you all and hope that you guys have a fantastic week :)

I love Cochabamba!
Monday Apr 4 2016
I love Cochamba! My area is Villa Moscú, Cochabamba. About 3 minutes from the Cochabamba temple. It´s so gorgeous! My comp is Hermana Bisama from Santiago, Chile. She is amazing we clicked so fast! I love her. We go on runs around the temple in the morning! Lots of hills. Haha! Skyla would love it here because there are stray dogs EVERYWHERE! Mum would hate it because they talk all night long. The people are so cute and little.
I want to clean everything and spiders watch me when I pee and showers are COLD and I want to clean everything and bleach everything and clean and clean and I have to throw away my toilet paper!!! Hahahahaha!:))
The little boy in the pic would hold my hands and we would dance and then he would give me the biggest hug!!! and the cute little girl was glued on me as we were teaching her mum about repentance. Heavenly Father really helps :)

Anyways, we had a lesson with a girl named Elizabeth, she is 17 years old and lives with her older sister. Our first lesson was about the restoration and prophets.
Hermana Bisama had a great visual analogy thing! She put out her fist and asked Liz to put her fist out beneath hers but not touching and said, "now follow my hand" and Liz followed. Then she said, "now close your eyes and follow my hand." Liz couldn't follow because she couldn't see it. Then she held the top of the pencil in her fist and told Liz, "hold the bottom of the pencil without touching my fist and follow mine." Hermana Bisamas fist was God, we were Liz's fist and the pencil was the prophet. We can't see God, however, we do have prophets that guide by the word of God that we can follow and come closer to Him. I loved that!

1 Nephi 22:2 "And I, Nephi, said unto them: Behold they were manifest unto the prophet by the voice of the Spirit; for by the Spirit are all things made known unto the prophets, which shall come upon the children of men according to the flesh."

I really loved general conference this weekend, and I hope that you all got to watch some of it. We are so blessed to know of a living prophet, and apostles, who loves us so much.

I really loved what all of them said, here are just a few of my favorite things:

"Something so completely destroyed can with no doubt, be restored." This can apply to so many things and people. I also like how he said that "God will force no one to Heaven." In fact, anyone who doesn't come to know God or doesn't care to know God, wont even want to dwell in His presence. This is sad because God wants to live with EVERY single one of us, again. We are His children, whom He loves unconditionally.

God see's us as we truly are and He see's us worthy of rescue. As much as we might forget to think of Christ, remember, that he always, Always! Remember's us. Thats so special.

The Holy Ghost is simple, and offers a constant flow of guidance. That being said, "offers" Is a key word, because He also honors our free agency.

If we seek to do our best, The Lord will help us!

God will never desert us. It´s not His character. Give God your heart and tomorrow will be magnificent.

I love you all and encourage you to watch conference if you haven't.

Oh how funny is this! Gabe Crosby, my friend from Lone Peak high school is serving in Cochabamba too and he called me the other day and we were both like what the heck, hi! Hahaha. That was way funny. He's a great missionary!

Thanks for everything!! You're all in my prayers!



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