She took the discussions about 10 years ago and remembered
Monday Nov 21 2016

This week was good!

Remember that one contact in the street of the woman who left her house to be calm? Well, her name is Basilia and we just visited with her yesterday!

It went so well, Im really excited to see how it goes. She took the discussions about 10 years ago and remembered a little bit about Joseph Smith and all that great stuff! So when we went to ask her to pray about Joseph Smith if he was a prophet, she said, "not only that, but I really want to pray about everything that you've all taught me." She also wants to go to church and activities and Im just praying so much that this goes really well for her. She is so great!

We also had the most beautiful Plan of Salvation lesson with Willma (mama de Ada). We asked her if she had any questions about our first discussion and she had a lot of great ones but it was really interesting to see how Satan had affected her right in between the week that we hadn't visited her. She was so sure and crying in the first visit and then she became a little more unsure and it was sad for me to be honest. But we answered all of her questions and personally I was reminded so much of the grace and mercy of God. I almost cried as I testified of that. We left and she was so happy and she said she felt a lot of peace. It really seemed to be the "perfect lesson" haha. i'm also excited to see how she keeps progressing!

Ada on the other hand is doing great! She's ready for her baptism this weekend! Ah Im so happy!

This work makes me really happy and just FELIZ! hahahha

Something sweet that happened from our contacting this week just happened on this Saturday, so we wanted to knock on doors in a neighborhood, so as we went, usually, we knock and wait a bit and if they don't come, knock for the second time and then wait a little and then we go, but this time, we did the 2 and then as we looked at each other like yeah lets go, I was like, wait, no, we gotta knock one more time!

So this old lady comes out and her sweet little 6 yr old comes out too and she was really a little angel. We shared with the old lady the pamphlet of the Restoration and on the front page is a lamb in Christ's hands and so we explained to them both that that little lamb was us and that we will always be in Christ's hands but only as we follow him will we feel his hands, the old lady didn't really give much interest cause she was very catholic and they usually don't give us the time of day, but she gave it to her sweet little Samantha and she just hugged the pamphlet and then as we left, we looked back and the old lady left but little Samantha was staring at us and saying bye and then her grandma looked at us and then said, COME IN! and she looked at us again and mouthed to us "chao" which is "bye". My heart just felt so happy we didn't even know the sweet little girl but she looked at us with familiar eyes and as I looked at my comp I told her, "she looked at us like we were angels!" and my comp said, "I was thinking the exact same thing."
I know that we pass every experience whether they accept us or not, to learn something new. God works in beautiful ways!

Have a great week :)




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