The Tight Rope
Wednesday Mar 9 2016

Every night, my district (Elder Phillip's, Elder Babbit, Elder Southern, Elder Dunford, Hermana Hoffman, and I) share something that we read about earlier in the day. I didn’t have anything from my reading stand out to share, however I kept thinking about “The Tight Rope”. The Tight Rope is a sketch with an explanation and deeper understanding of this life. My dad showed me this, he made it up on his mission, I believe.

I told my district I didn’t have anything to share from reading, however, I did have a drawing to share. So I drew out on the white board, a sketch of “The Tight Rope”. I explained each step as I drew
it. I said, “This is the Pre-Earth life.

This is Earth life as if we are walking on a tight rope that Satan has his hand gripped on so tight. Some people are running across this tight rope, some people are jumping, some people are laying, hanging, and dangling, diving and some people have fallen off. There is a net at the bottom of this tight rope. This net will catch us if we allow it to. If not, we have decided that Satans plan is more suitable to us.

If we allow this net to catch us, step by step we are able to climb up a knotted rope.

The first step is Fe (faith). Faith in Jesus Christ, that he has all the power to help us.

The second step is Arrepentimiento (repentance). Sincere repentance, having a broken heart and a contrite spirit that we know God has a better plan for us than what we would create for ourselves.

The third step is Bautismo (baptism). Baptism by someone who holds the authority of the Priesthood of God.

The fourth is La Recepcion del don del Espiritu Santo (receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost). The Holy Ghost doesn’t just accompany us when in time of need, but the Holy Ghost will be our companion in time of growth as well. Lastely, but not least, Perseverar hasta el fin (enduring to the end). Enduring to the end doesn’t mean we can just end at faith in Jesus Christ, it doesn’t end at repentance, nor does it end at baptism, or receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost.

We take these steps to one day live with our Heavenly Father and His son, Jesus Christ, again! This is continually progressing, continually having faith, repenting every day, allowing the Holy Ghost to be our companion! And with open and embracing arms, our Heavenly Father and brother Jesus Christ will be there to welcome us back home.”

Elder Babbit said, “I don’t really have anything to share from my scripture study either, but while Hermana Geertsen was drawing this out and explaining, I wrote a poem.” This is how the poem goes.

“In this life, we walk a tight rope.
It is not easy to walk.
We will slip, trip, and sometimes fall.
Satan stands beneath.
He wants to devour us.
He stares, wants, and knows,
That some will fall, themselves.
But the strong ones,
He knows he has to shake.
He plays with the rope,
He grabs at our ankles.

God is waiting at the end.
He watches us He guides each one of our steps.

But yet, we will fall.
But when we fall,
If we keep our eyes on God,
We are caught by a net.

The Atonement.
The net we fall on is held up by Jesus Christ
He will hold us, Pull us,
And carry us back to the Kingdom of our Father.
Our dad.”
- Elder Babbit

Hermana Hoffman shared her scripture of the day and one of the cross references. The cross reference was in the Bible, Hebrews 12:13. I don’t have my scriptures with me at this time, but it starts off something like “keep your feet on the straight path.”

God has such a beautiful plan for us! Satan has a plan for us too. We just have to decide which plan we will accept. This week was amazing, I love Sundays mainly because it’s the only day that is in English!

I really feel that there is no better work than that of the work of the Lord. My dad told me before I left, “Youre going to be doing the Lords work, but don’t forget, youll also be getting the Lords pay!” I got my first pay check and let me just tell you, the Lord doesn’t mess around when he pays. The blessings are grand! (And no the Lord doesn’t pay in money).





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Hermana Geertsen

Called to serve in the Bolivia Cochabamba Mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.
Feb 2016 - Aug 2017
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