I'm going to an area called Jaihuayco
Monday May 22 2017

We got transfers this week, I'm going to an area called Jaihuayco! Its about 20 minutes from where I am and completely different from any other area that Ive had so Im excited to see how it goes!

Ill be with Hermana Vargas, she's from Ecuador. I saw her just 3 months ago when she started her mission cause the newbies would come stay at our house the first day. So she's just getting out of her training, I love a pumped up missionary!

The cast didn't come off, infact it wont for another couple weeks... Lets see! I just wanna work!

Do you remember Vivan? She was going to be baptized a couple months ago and then we don't know what really happened... She texted to tell us, "Thank you" for everything that we taught her. That she will never forget that we taught her to pray and all the beautiful things. It made me so happy.

And finally we got to visit her just the other day to at least say goodbye cause I knew I was going to leave. We invited her to a mothers day dinner and so shell be there! Woo!

We will have 2 baptisms this weekend, I'm so happy cause Carlos and Jesus are progressing really well and both have great desires and faith.

Who made up a happy dance? ;)

I hope you all have a great week! Love you!




Cala Cala (11)
Cochabamba (16)
Jaihuayco (12)
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Sucre (16)

Hermana Geertsen

Called to serve in the Bolivia Cochabamba Mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.
Feb 2016 - Aug 2017
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