His dog had literally brought us to his home
Monday Jul 24 2017

What a beautiful week!

A couple days ago after lunch, my comp and I left where we were and walked past a guy who was holding the hands of two little boys with very familiar faces to the both of us. My comp and I looked at each other and it hit me that those two little boys were the kids of Erica, the lady that we sat with in the park as she cried and opened up to us, a few weeks ago. We continued walking so that we could get to our appointment on time. While walking we had to walk past Erica's house. We have never been able to visit her inside her house but we somewhat knew which house was hers. We kept walking and I felt really strongly that we needed to call to just see how she was doing and to set an appointment. My comp agreed, we called, and she answered. She cried and she told us that she had recently just fainted and that something had just happened and that she wanted to tell us all about it the next day. We told her that we felt we needed to call her for some reason and that we would help her with anything right then. We insisted that we come over to help her but she insisted that we talk the next day.
The next day comes and she was still feeling sick so we didn't get to meet with her.
Even though she insisted that we don't come over to help, I have a confidence in the spirit. I know that its trust in us only comes through the practice of constantly trying to do as the Lord would have us do. I know that the Lord knew that we would do our part and be more than willing to follow through with these promptings. Even if we couldn't physically help Erica in this hard moment she is going through, at least she can always know that we as representatives of Jesus Christ are here to help in any moment and any way possible.

A different day, my comp and I were planning in the morning to go visit a lady that we had contacted weeks ago that never ended up being home each time we visited. So that meant that after lunch, we would need to make a change in direction from the street that we normally would walk down from where we eat to get back into our area. As we walked there was a group of older ladies and two young woman, around 18 years old. The two young ladies looked at me and smiled back as I smiled to them. We were walking a bit faster and I decided to contact them immediately haha it was funny how quickly we stopped. As my comp was talking to the older ladies one of the younger ladies, Diana, looked at me and she said, "I know you." I looked at her very unfamiliar face (normally I remember faces well) and said, "you do? how?" she said, "you probably don't remember, but when you were entering your home late at night, I was outside of your house and you gave me a piece of pizza. Thank you for that." I then remembered... The funny thing is, I was so hungry and planned to eat this whole pizza myself, but I remember I walked in the door and thought, "caring is sharing" and turned around and offered her a slice, walked back in and felt happy.
I would have never known in that same moment that more than a month later I would be thanked for that "super delicious" small slice of pizza and would be recognized for that act of kindness. She said that she would love for us to visit her and teach her. We are planning to go back this week. And maybe this time we will share a whole pizza! Haha.

I invite you each to share with others. Even if it be little. It makes a difference and it surely does not go unnoticed as I have learned this week.

Lastly, Saturday my comp and I were contacting around 6pm. A big black dog did many circles around us and ran ahead, waited for us, did another circle as we caught up to him and then would follow us where we went. This dog would not let us touch him haha it was so weird cause he wanted to play. We walked a long time with this dog, and tried to visit investigators and none of them were home (there was a huge party going on in this sector, probably for that reason no one was in their homes).
I had mentioned to my comp that I thought the dog wanted to show us where to go but my comp thought I was crazy and so we kept on going lol. The whole time I just wanted to see where the dog would take us lol.
Finally, after an hour I said to my comp, "I think we need to be humble and let the dog show us where to go." She agreed and I told the dog, "show us where you want us to go." The big black dog started jumping haha he got so happy and started to run and would look back at us to see if we were still there and following lol. We told him to wait when he was about to turn. He waited, we caught up, and he started off again. Finally, we made it to the street he took us to. On this street, I remembered a few people we had talked to before lived around there and thought maybe to see if they are the "chosen ones of this dog" haha they weren't there. This dog went across the street onto the different block and there were 6 scary dogs that were fighting him. These 6 scary dogs are the reasons why I never had wanted to contact the doors on that street. But I felt that we needed to go closer to help the dog.
My comp didn't want to cause they were going crazy but I felt that we really needed to. We walked over and the dogs all calmed down and left.
The big black dog did a circle around us as he started to cry and ran to this random door and scratched it. We knocked a good 15 minutes until a guy named Hugo(28) came to the door. We explained that we had been sent to his home to teach him a message. (lol his dog sent us) He told us that some missionaries had visited him months ago and that he had been praying the same way they taught him since. He told us, "Today would have been perfect had you come just a bit earlier. I know that its not a coincidence that you have been brought here. There is always a reason why. I would love to learn more, I have many questions."
Hugo works in electrical things and has seen the death of many close friends due to his job. He told us that he had wondered what would happen if he died and where would he go or what would he even be.
We talked about the plan of salvation in the short time that he had and he said we could come next week to teach him, his wife, and his little 4 year old daughter. He offered a prayer and thanked God for sending us to his home to help him in his needs.
I too, know that it is not coincidence that his dog had literally brought us to his home. And that God is so aware of each and every one of our needs. (The dogs name is Oso).
The spirit works in many ways and we should never doubt a good thought that wouldn't do any harm if the goal will always be to help.

I know that God loves each of us. And for that reason, He guides us to help others that might not feel His love just yet, to feel it.

Love you all. Have a great week! Think positive!




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