A Childs Prayer
Monday Jun 19 2017

This week has been a rough one. Not a lot of progress with the people and no one wanted our help with anything! But hoping for a better week to come!

My comp is so sweet and so much fun it feels like were opening the area together since I didn't really learn my way around in that short time while I had my cast on!
We talked to many new people that we hope to visit this coming week so that'll be exciting!

Last night, something that I felt and really needed to feel was after we as missionaries sang, "A Childs Prayer", was an overwhelming feeling of peace, calmness and confidence in my knowledge that I really am a child of God. A literal Celestial being with a never ending love. I felt so happy that while listening to the given talks I couldn't help but smile cause my Father is a God and even though I have gone through tough times and trials that I myself wouldn't choose to go through, He loves me so much and wouldn't even give me anything to just cut me down, but to allow me to grow so much.

I suggest that you all listen to, "A Childs Prayer". :)

I know God loves us. I know we all have a purpose to be here on the earth and spread with others our happiness even if its just by helping others to know the simple knowledge that we are all loved children of a loving Heavenly Father,

I love you all. Have a great week!




Cala Cala (11)
Cochabamba (16)
Jaihuayco (12)
Peru MTC (5)
Sucre (16)

Hermana Geertsen

Called to serve in the Bolivia Cochabamba Mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.
Feb 2016 - Aug 2017
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