I felt her spirit through her eyes
Monday Jun 13 2016

What a beautiful week!

We got to go to the temple with Juan Carlos! It was his first time, he said he felt so good in there.
It was so beautiful you guys! Im so proud of him. He is starting mission prep classes soon cause he wants to go on a mission.

As you know we have been teaching his older brother Jorge Daniel, he is so amazing! We talked about the word of wisdom and he thought it was funny that we don't drink coffee cause he loves coffee but he said, he wont drink it anymore and so we told him about a drink called ECCO, its sooo good! I don't know what its like in the US but in England, its just like Barley Cup! And so he bought it the next day and hasn't been drinking coffee anymore, he said he likes ECCO a lot! Its ricisimo! Hahaha. He really is so great! His baptism date changes cause he wasn't able to make it to church this Sunday so we have to wait just a little longer, but he is excited. And me too! I love their family. We went over last P day to make cookies and just spend time with them to get to know them better and Im just in love with their family! They are so strong and funny.

Something personal, and very special for me happened. So back in April, actually on Ava's birthday (21st) my comp and I were at the stake building and two elders brought in this member and his girlfriend who isn't a member, and I met her and gave her a hug and she wanted to learn english, and thats all I remember. Yeah, so her name is Carolina. Her boyfriend now is on a mission, and she was taking the lessons from the Elders. So last P day when we went to the BBQ, it was at her house. She sings and plays the guitar. Well we found out, the reason she invited us to go to her house was because when she walked into the stake building a month ago, she said, "I looked at her, (pointed at me) and I felt her spirit through her eyes, and I knew I wanted someone like her, to teach me, because I know I could trust her to be my guide, and then she gave me a hug and I felt like I had come home."

This was really special for me to hear. Sometimes in life we really don't realize the effect we have on people around us, literally random people that you might run into for just 3 minutes. God has a plan, and we are all a huge part of it. We all have something to share and something to take from someone.

I love the opportunity I have right now for this little time of my life to learn about the part I play and how I can play it the best I can! I love you all so much! And I know you all have such a beautiful part to play in many lives, so take the time to cultivate that part and spread some love! Haha!

I love you all. Have a fantastic week!




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Hermana Geertsen

Called to serve in the Bolivia Cochabamba Mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.
Feb 2016 - Aug 2017
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