He loves to come and talk with us
Monday May 30 2016

So as you know, I was sick last week, and it carried out to this week too! Woohoo!
Wednesday night at like 10pm, I was feeling so ill, so we went to the Hospital and they gave me an IV and I felt a whole lot better, Im still getting better.

That being said, we had a few days in the house being sick. But all is well, all is well... I have the best comp!

Here in Bolivia, Mothers day is the 27 of May. Which is also my mums birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MUM! I thought about you all week!

And here is the mission, we´re always sharing messages with the people about the love of God. So my comp and I wanted to focus on how the love of God is so similar to the love of a mother. So unconditional and strong. And even though sometimes we don't like to admit it, they're always right! HAHA (at least mine is). My comp in the mission, is my mamita (mom) cause she is my trainer, hahah she always tells me, "Mothers know best." And we had a funny conversation about how when we were home it was funny cause moms really always know what is going on and if somethings wrong or what haha.

So Im really thankful for moms! I love the example of Sariah in the Book of Mormon, the wife of Lehi. She was so strong, so trusting and such a good leader for her children.

My dad always said, "I'm the head, mums the neck." so basically, you dads out there can't do anything without your wives hahaha! Nah, joke. You can do many things, but you can do it better with your wife.

So Happy Mothers day to all you mothers! I hope you know how special you are. :)

We have been teaching this family. La familia Calicho. Liz(mom), Ceasar (dad), Brandon(son), Ceasar (son).

Brandon is 15 years old and he was the only one receiving lessons in his family. The missionaries taught him to pray, and he taught his family to pray and now they all pray together making it a priority. A family that prays together stays together, no ve? (no ve in Bolivia means like, right?)

Ceasar, the dad, he didn't ever want to listen to the lessons from the missionaries. But now, when he has time, he loves to come and talk with us and he´ll ask us when we can come next.
So last night we visited and only Liz had time, so she told us that this week, Ceasar and her were on their motorcycle and they got in a crash, her whole right arm is super scratched up and she had to get stitches and she said, "the only thing that we could think to do was to thank Heavenly Father for keeping us safe so that we can take care of our kids still." She committed to baptism for the 18th of June! Before that, were going to have a wedding for her and Ceasar. She is so excited and so wise with such a bright light. I love to visit their family. I can easily see them all in white.
Last week, I was with a member and we visited her and talked to her and he son Ceasar and we were just talking about reading the scriptures and saying our prayers and she explained that sometimes she gets too busy and I bore my testimony to her how God has time for all of us, that there is always time for God. And just yesterday(Sunday) Liz and her son walked into sacrament! She told us last night that she really realized there really is always time for God, so she went to church. :)

I love you all and hope that you all can find that time for God, its always there. Have a fantastic week!




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Hermana Geertsen

Called to serve in the Bolivia Cochabamba Mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.
Feb 2016 - Aug 2017
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