Being a friend too.
Monday May 2 2016
The Sacrament... En español, La Santa Cena which is like the holy dinner...

This week I really learned something more about the Sacrament.

First off, we take the sacrament to renew our covenants,each week, that we have made with God. Baptism, etc.

What I learned this week was that each time that we take the sacrament, we are basically being baptized again, in a way and starting fresh for the up coming week. I love that so much! I really felt so strongly the other day during sacrament, that God only wants us to recognize our faults and come to Him with them and then start fresh and do better each day. I felt the love of God so much! He doesn't and never will want us to dwell on our faults! This life is a time that we have been given to learn, grow, and understand more about our purpose here on the Earth. However, if we are always focusing on what we did wrong, we will never see our potential to be better. God wants to live with all of us again.

Ether 12:27 Its talking about all them who come closer to God, He will show unto them their weaknesses and through Him their weaknesses will become strengths. I love this scripture because it really shows us that God gives us the opportunity to have confidence in Him, and to trust in Him.

We have a new investigator, her name is Stephanie! She is 18 and lives all alone, we got to her house/shop and she was about to do her nails and then I ended up doing them and it was really fun haha! She is really excited to learn more so were visiting her this week. Its fun to meet people with similar interests. Missionary work isn't only in talking about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It is most definitely 100% being a friend too. If you think about it, Christ was the ultimate friend! :)

Juan Carlos has his baptism date for this coming Saturday (May 7) turns out his mom is actually a member she has just been inactive for a while. But she is so excited for him to be baptized, we changed the date cause his whole family wants to be there. His older brother Jorge (19) wants to take the lessons too! When we go to see Juanca, his brother is there sometimes and we usually talk and Ill help him with English and the last time we were there, he was like I want to learn more about the Book of Mormon, and then we can still talk too! Hahaha I love the people here! We invited him to come with us that night to an activity to watch "Meet the Mormons" and he was asking all about baptism and then he said he wants to be baptized! Theres still a lot that we have to teach him, but Im so excited!

Haha funny story for this week.... Anyone know Bryce Rummler? He went to Lone Peak last year... So... We went to the church building to practice a song that we were doing and Rummler was playing the piano. Behind the piano was a window and the blind's were like the long ones that break really easily, so like 4 of them had fallen and I tried to fix them while he was playing the piano and it stayed and I was like all chuffed to bits that it was fixed so I turned to look at my comp like "thats right" and one of them falls back down away from me onto a table to the left side of the piano and Rummler is playing and Im like to the right side of him.... There like this little glass vase for the flowers and the blind thing kept sliding down and it started to move the vase and I notice that it isnt stopping and its going to fall off the table onto the tile floor so I, without thinking, reach my arms to stop the vase and Rummler is like right there and it was so awkward and the vase fell and smashed, #Rummlerwasintheway hahahah we laughed for a good 30 minutes!

And then today I played soccer with a couple of the Elders and then there was a group of guys playing and one of the guys ran into me and hugged me and it was so awkward cause I didn't know what to do and I just froze. #Missionaryprobs #KarmafromwhatIdidtoRummler

Thanks for everything.
I hope you all have a super good week I love you all!




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