How did you like the 15 minutes?
Monday Apr 3 2017

Picture: cholita selling cocaine on the streets.

This week has been another week filled with small and big miracles. I love it so much!

More than anything, I love that our Heavenly Father knows our hearts and wants to bless us, obviously depending on the state of where our heart is at.

President and Hermana Hansen invited us and two other companionships in our Zone to have a family home evening with investigators and so we invited a new family that we just started to teach. I met Rosario (mom) while I was with a different sister, here in my area. We contacted her and invited them to go to church the following week, (last week) and she ended up bringing her daughter and granddaughter, Andrea and Samantha. So we invited them for the FHE but they told us that they couldn't cause they had something for Samantha(8 years old) at her school. So we visited them the day of the FHE and Andrea ended up asking more about the FHE and what it is and told us to convince Rosario to come so that they could all go. So haha we did ;)

So we were going to pick them up at 6:40 to be on time for the FHE at 7 and when we got there in a taxi the husband of Rosario, Edwin, pulled out their garage in his car ready to "drop us off".

We pull up to Presidents house and he is just waiting for us to all get out, I said to him, "hey you're not going to come?" and he told me, "no, I have things to do." So I told him, "but you're the father of the family you should just come to spend a little time with them." He insisted that he had other things to do. Then here comes the voice of the marvelous spirit, "Just 15 minutes and then you can leave with no problem." He parked the car and we walked in the house with the whole family.

Guess who stayed the whole time, and made a special comment about what he loved about how he felt, EDWIN!

I love the spirit so much. Its so bold, yet so subtle. He laughed as I told him at the end of the hour and a half, "how did you like the 15 minutes?"

He asked us to never stop visiting them until we leave from this area.

This was probably one of my favorite things that happened this week. I'm feeling so thankful and more than anything, I love to follow the spirit even if it's just a small comment, it can really create a big outcome.

Something I absolutely loved from conference was from Elder Rasband he said that the spirit often comes in a feeling from familiar words.

If it feels good and even familiar, just do it!

Love you all, have a great week!




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Hermana Geertsen

Called to serve in the Bolivia Cochabamba Mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.
Feb 2016 - Aug 2017
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